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Re: 'Tacky' by Weird Al Yankovic

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I hope you're not referring to those 5 songs when talking about "these songs will be all but forgotten"... they are actual legit classics. Hopefully you're talking about some of the other songs like Blurred Lines, Royals, and Happy, which I don't see becoming classics.
Isn't that what I said?
Oh, I must have misinterpreted you. Yes, that's exactly what you said, sorry.

I blame it on the common literary mistake of people saying "be all but ____" when what they actually mean is " be _____". When you're saying something is all but, you literally mean it is everything but. I thought you were saying songs like Teen Spirit and American Pie will be forgotten, which I disagree with.

Kinda like "I could care less", when people actually mean "I couldn't care less".
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