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Re: Yeoman Rand & Production order

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But then the episode goes and scuttles that with the "Look at my legs" scene, which is just embarrassing.
What do you mean by embarrassing?

Embarrassing for Rand? I think she is thinking that she's within 48 hours of death and embarrasment is not something that still has room left. She may never have expressed any feeling about wanting to attract Kirk in normal circumstances, but dying and being mentally impared could make buried feelings surface. I thought it was well done as Captain Kirk and Janice were trying to cope with their own relationships, personal and professional, and dealing with them both coming to an abrupt end, because they were nearly dead.

Plus, I've seen enough shows where the "oh were dying, let's get some sex in before were dead because we'll be dead soon"
That is embarrassing, imo. I'm thinking of a recent show that was redone, but I'm not mentioning the name.
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