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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

At the time, the dish was the sensor array. It was labeled such in Jefferies' TMoST illustrations. In TMoST the deflectors are described as being activated by the sensors, and that is where the connection between that dish and a deflector probably came from.

FJ must have though so, because he labeled the dish "main sensor and navigational deflector". The question is, what part is the sensor and what part is the deflector?

The dreadnought had fore and aft dishes, but not the ring structures behind the dishes. Why? It is arguable that the rings were the deflector part, and that since they faced aft, the other sensor array didn't need them. This would fit with the fact that in TMP the dish is gone and yet the deflector remains.

If this is the case, the dreadnought has fore and aft sensors, but navigational deflectors that sweep forward.
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