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USS Asgard Wants You!

Welcome to the USS Asgard, a Norway Class vessel. The Norway Class vessel was originally concieved during the Dominion War as a diplomatic transport ship. But, this ship doesn't come without a bite. To ensure the Diplomats would be transported safely, Starfleet designed her to fight, and fight hard.

Now, with the Dominian War at an end, the Asgard has been brought out of mothballs for a new purpose. Starfleet has abandoned the war effort and returned to her roots, to seek out new life and new civilization and to boldly go where no one has gone before. Will you be there when five new species of herbs are discovered on a desert planet? Will you serve aboard when we make first contact with new humanoids? Will you be there to defend the values that Starfleet and the Federation have held so dear?

The Asgard needs you! A few good officers to serve her decks and build her legacy. Join today, and make the Asgard a Federation household name.

Contact Commander O'Malley @ or visit the website @
Commander Shane O'Malley
Commanding Officer
USS Asgard NCC 67536
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