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Lord Garth
The Official Welcome Thread

Another poster suggested a thread of this type and I agreed. I haven't kept up with the exact numbers of membership but if you have joined TrekBBS due to the new movie, I'd like to extend a welcome.

Feel free to post whatever comes to mind, don't be afraid to ask a question that you think someone who's been around forever has heard 50 million times. Please feel free to spread enthusiasm for the new movie as it might even become contagious. If you aren't enthuastic about the movie that's fine as well, believe it or not.

I'd appreciate it if you took the opportunity to introduce yourself if you're new, or even if you're old.

I joined TrekBBS in the summer of 1999 and have been a moderator for almost six years. I'm looking forward to this movie, TOS is my favorite Star Trek series, and I've been a fan since I was 11 (in 1991 not 1966). The other sci-fi interest of mine is the new Battlestar Galactica.

My field of work is television production which has included news interviews, digital editing, and taping sports even though I'm not a sports fan. Once you shoot a game everything else is child's play, but post-production is my personal preference.
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