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Re: Big Brother 16: Gentlemen, commence your appallingness!

The popularity of Jeff Schroeder completely baffles me. First off this is a guy who on the live feeds said that if Dumbledore was gay he shouldn't be allowed around the wizard children. If he said that last season instead of his own season he would have been called out nationally on that. Second off, he has always appeared to me as a complete douchebag. His two runs on Amazing Race remind me of the SNL sketch 'Two A-holes' and portray him as an annoying windbag constantly bantering and bragging to Jordan about things she just doesn't care about and taking her lack of response as a validation.

I really think the only reason he became popular in the first place is because on his first season he was the one from the athlete clique who stood up to Jessie, and he has been coasting on that ever since.

He needs to be off my TV now. No charming interviews, no Big Brother, no Amazing Race. Just get his obnoxious self-impressed technotronic homophobic ass off TV forever.

Out of the people currently on the show I think I want Victoria gone the most because she seems the most likely to make the show unpleasant. She's the only one so far who's called someone evil.
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