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Re: Netflix Presents: Orange is the New Black

Finally finished the series and let myself take a look at the thread...

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Caputo is also the same guy who accepted a blow job in exchange for covering up crimes that he had already turned a woman in for. In a way he's worse than Mendes and Healy, he is consciously willing to do anything to anybody in order to advance his career, and he's got a community of defenseless women some of whom committed nonviolent crimes to inflict his career on.

Mendes and Healy at least can argue 'Diminished capacity' for their awfulness. Caputo is fully capable of making good moral decisions and chooses not to.
I saw it a little differently. The thing with Figueroa was personal, payback for her being so awful. I think his intentions for running the prison really were basically good, as he represented them. Then, he got to take charge and immediately something went wrong and he panicked. He went with his immediate reaction and took quick and dirty steps to cover his ass. But he's definitely not all good; what he did with CO Fisher was really shitty.

What I didn't get was why Bennett didn't tell Caputo that they'd have a DNA test done on the baby, which would make Caputo look even worse. Or why Daya didn't tell Bennet the same thing when she was trying to get him to turn himself in.

Other things:
I was surprised by Morello's backstory. I thought she was basically sweet and boy-crazy (though casually racist), but it turned out she has really serious problems.

I liked how the Piper stories were somewhat de-emphasized. It seems like everyone else's problems are more interesting than hers.
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