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Re: Sci-Fi Channel Special Edition Extras...

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Keep watching. Some of them have Nimoy's version right after Shatner's.
When I post a SciFi Channel Special Edition on youtube, if I have all the parts I do it in this order:

Episode Trailer
Introduction by George Takei, Walter Koenig, or Jimmy Doohan
Comments by William Shatner
Comments by Leonard Nimoy

Other features such as "Insights"

Comments by William Shatner
Comments by Leonard Nimoy

More features and fillers

Comments by Leonard Nimoy
Comments by William Shatner

I have posted as many as I could that were not already posted by POTA, Mr. Atoz, or 47MHz Fan (who was later banned.)

I am completely missing the following episodes:
63 3x12 - Star Trek - TOS - The Empath
67 3x10 - Star Trek - TOS - Plato's Stepchildren
68 3x11 - Star Trek - TOS - Wink of an Eye
70 3x15 - Star Trek - TOS - Let That Be Your Last Battlefield
72 3x16 - Star Trek - TOS - The Mark of Gideon
73 3x18 - Star Trek - TOS - The Lights of Zetar
74 3x21 - Star Trek - TOS - The Cloud Minders
75 3x20 - Star Trek - TOS - The Way to Eden
78 3x23 - Star Trek - TOS - All Our Yesterdays

And I only have a part of this one:
69 3x17 - Star Trek - TOS - That Which Survives

So I would gladly transfer any of these to DVD and video and post on Youtube if anyone makes them available to me.

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