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Re: Homosexual Rights in the Star Trek Universe

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... Star Trek portrays humans in relationships which are basically beastiality (humans mating with other species)
Beastility is people having sex with animals, that where you get the "beast" in bestiality. Which of Trek's intelligent species do you believe to be "animals?"

... thus a society which accepts that ...
I never considered this before, but given how Vulcans feel about Humans and non-Vulcans in general, I wonder how they felt about Spock?

A contaminate in the Vulcan superiority?

Do you think Kirk having a three way in Star Trek Into Darkness with women who had cat features qualifies as bestiality?.

What would Spock think? I don't know.

Spock seems to dislike prejudice so my guess is if they can still pass as humans or Aliens then Spock would not mind.
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