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Agent Richard07
Re: You're the Worst is not the Worst.

Married: Judy Greer is always good, as is Jenny Slate, and the husband makes me laugh a bit because he seems to have a permanent pained look on his face. I liked the show actually, mainly because of how it can make light of some big issues in marriage like one partner having to look elsewhere for sex. In the end, it pulled it's punches but maybe it was for the best.

You're the Worst: I loved the two leads. Messed up? More like unrestrained, unapologetic and full of raw sexuality. Just the right amount of good looks helps too. I was entertained. Are they going to mishandle their attempt to make them better people? That remains to be seen but the hook doesn't inspire confidence because it didn't have an air of cleverness to it.

Now to check out our third relationship show, Satisfaction.
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