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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

Wow. Say something not only on-topic, but wholly relevant to the conversation and get ignored. Funny, that.

vaderman1701 said:
These are exactly what I was looking for. I think for now, I will work with the Starstation Aurora version, but I wouldlove to kitbash a Star League version and possible kit it.
Awesome news then, Scott.

137th Gebirg said:
There were several refits - even variations on the original FJ design as it initially appeared in the Technical Manual. Here's the chronology:

You forgot JohnP/Forbin's excellent variant in the Alexander-class, Jim! I like his stunted Miranda hull as the primary hull and underslung warp nacelles.

And the short answer - aside from the fact that (IIRC) one FJ-named dreadnaught was mentioned in comm traffic out of Epsilon 9 in ST:TMP, all these designs are largely considered non-canon.
U.S.S. Entente, NCC-2120. You can only barely make it out in surround sound w/the volume turned up. Or if you've got a program that will screen out certain background clutter.

Don't forget that we also get the SFTM names and registries for two scouts, as well: Columbia and Revere, their orders signed by Commodore Probert himself.

Once Upon A Time....
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