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Re: Jennifer Esposito: Babe of the Week #24 (July 2014)

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Loved Esposito on Spin City, and am glad to see she is using her fame to promote awareness of celiac disease.

Loved Forbin's kitbashes but am again disappointed to see him using his sexist perspective to make crass and stupid comments that marginalize and degrade women.
Forbin is also a big fan of irreverent humor and of irritating people who are Offended By Every Little Wisecrack.
Pretty sure that's textbook trolling.

And the more you whine about it, the less inclined I will be to stop.
Well that's a valiant stand in the name of maturity! Tell me, what's it like up there with Gaith on that moral high ground?
I don't know Gaith, but I'm neither claiming a Moral High Ground nor maturity here. I'm being a normal guy who enjoys irreverent wise cracks, sexual innuendo, and thinks both perfectly fine in the spirit of a thread titled "Babe of the Week" - and incidentally would feel the same about a Hunk of the Week thread. I know some women who are raunchier than many men.

Seriously, if these threads offend thee, move on to another, or petition the mods to abolish them. They're clearly meant as fun, not as a place for activism and protest. And no one is changing anyone's mind by complaining.
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