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Re: The X-Files - First Time Watching

X Files: Fight the Future

I remember watching this film back in 1998, but then I didn't know anything about the series. Now, that I'm watching the series, I appreciate it a lot more mainly because I understand the context of it. They did good work expanding the mythology of the Bees, the black oil, and the Virus and incubation. Really loved the final scene in the arctic with Mulder rescuing Scully. There was a ton of good action and still those great character moments from the series.

The Beginning

This is where the series starts pissing me off and it's happened time and again. We get some big events that happen, and then the next episode things feel like the status quo. Yeah this one you have Fawley and Spender taking over the X Files and that's an interesting development, but then you had Scully going from "I can't quit now, you need me..." back to her skeptic self. It felt like this was a wrap up of Season 5, instead of really following up the events of the movie. Also, it was so dark I couldn't see much of anything.

Also, based on this episode is The X Files saying that we evolved from Aliens because of that dorment DNA that Gibson found a way to turn on? Gee, great.

I like this show, and I do understand why it was so popular, but man this Mytharc is not the show's best quality.
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