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Re: You're the Worst is not the Worst.

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New sitcom from FX about the spiralling concerns after a cursed wedding assault meetcute resulting in a dysfunctional love affair between tragic broken people. One is a sarcastic self concerned Englishman in LA, while the other is a self-sabotaging ginger with a dark sense of irony and no reservations. They are crass and awful and discompliment each other perfectly.

I also saw the pilot for Married today and it might be the worst. Almost funny in places but the male lead has been responsible for so many abortions that I have completely no faith in him.
I really enjoyed You're the Worst as well. The two leads have pretty great chemistry and the writing is sharp. I hope the series maintains the quality established in the pilot.

Unfortunately, I also agree about Married. Not crazy about the concept, the male lead (that guy), or the writing. Jenny Slate has more lines and screen time than Judy Greer? What an absolute waste. Greer deserves a better role on a better show.
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