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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

Wingsley said:
KirkTrekModeler said:
What is canon, or pseudo-canon for a Refit Dreadnought? I know this may seem like a strange question, but I'm curious and would like the help of the most intelligent and knowledgable group of fans I know. That would be you, the regulars here in the Art Forum. Piutures would be most usefull. Thanks.
If, by "canon" you mean on-screen display of a ship (or schematic of a ship) in a STAR TREK feature film, to my knowledge there has never been a dreadnought revealed, other than TNG's "All Good Things..." finale and some vaugue schematics on bridge viewscreens in various Kirk-era feature films. If memory serves, a Federation-class dreadnought starship was shown on a viewscreen in the background in TMP #3, but never shown "in the flesh" and never in a "refit" configuration.
OK, I think that's more what we're looking for. Anything that was even remotely seen on screen, or referenced on screen. That would make it as close to canon as we're going to get.
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