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Re: FedCon 2014, Star Trek Phase II and Axanar Panel Videos

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I strongly disagree with David Gerrold's assertion that only him and D.C. Fontana are the only ones who really know how to write "Star Trek." Granted, both Gerrold and Fontana have the most intimate knowledge — yet, if you're a decent writer and you understand the format, you can write a pretty darn good Trek story.
You are not quoting him correctly.

He said: "I think there are probably only two people in the world left, who understand how to write for the original Star Trek, and the other one is Dorothy Fontana."

So for one thing he is only referring to TOS, not the other Star Trek series and he says this based on his intimate knowledge of the series as he was involved with it when it was made.
That does not exclude others from being able to write good TOS stories, but they do not have the intimate knowledge of how stories were put together back then. I feel he is making a legitimate point.

Personally, I agree that there are others, including Norman Spinrad, who are very capable of writing good stories. I did however feel that David should be seen for what he did say and not be misquoted.


You're right I wasn't directly quoting him. I was paraphrasing what he said. And I did so accurately — stating that him and Fontana are the only one's who know how to write "Star Trek". So I was not misquoting him.

Frankly, even in his direct quote, the inference — also by his tone in the presentation — is that those two were the only ones able to write Trek properly. Also, I don't often use the subtitle of TOS or put the modifier of "original" in front of "Star Trek." When I refer to "Star Trek," I mean the original because that's what it was titled. Could've been more explicit, sure. I didn't feel it necessary to do so.

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