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Re: Refit Dreadnought.... Question?

vaderman1701 said:
KTM and I were having this discussion because I am working on refit dreadnought conversion parts for the 1/350th refit, but I know there are questiosn about what should be the "True" refit dreadnaught. The image you posted is the standard one everyone knows,
Because it's the first Refit version of the Federation-class dreadnought, as done by the fine folks at Starstation Aurora in the "magazine" entitled Starship Design - Interstellar Forum for Naval Power by Todd Guenther & Starstation Aurora. aridas sofia can elaborate more on the background, but it's generally accepted as being the first fan-produced Movie Era refit for the Federation-class.

but I have heard several people say that the secondary hull needs to be longer.
Yes, by something like 25% or 30%. I forget what I had figured it to be, but have seen others use something pretty close to that. There's the matter of a pair of aft firing photorp tubes, as well.

Also, the primary hull B-C Deck area needs to be differently shaped, w/there being five window sections in the VIP Lounge area instead of four.
I have also seen scematics with a shuttlebay inthe front and second deflector dish in the back. This would be more of a true refit of the classic Franz Joseph schematic.
That would also be the version seen in the Jackill's "Ships of the Fleet" series of books. In fact, I think it's in Volume One.

Let us know your thougts.
I would go with the original version of the Federation-class refit, as done by Todd Guenther and company. For starters, it'll save you work because you won't have to come up with a second, slightly smaller navigational deflector array for the aft - something which makes little sense to me (sorry Eric!). You also won't have to use a new nav deflector for the front (the front and back might be the same size, but I don't recall for sure), as well as likely build a whole new secondary hull - or at least a completely new forward secondary hull piece, as well as the same for the aft section.

... and there you go.
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