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Re: Let's Discuss the Romulan Bird of Prey!

Thanks, Robert Comsol. I assume that the post of mine you are referring to is this one.

I can't take credit for the idea, only for the economical suggested dialog change:
CorporalCaptain wrote: View Post
In hindsight, what it should have been wrote:
SCOTT: No question. When cloaked, their power is simple impulse.
Credit for the idea itself should be given to the staff of Galactic Designs and Productions (Michael McMaster, Jeff Maynard, John Upton, Geoffrey Mandel, Steven Robinson, Carl Dimsey, Jacob Greenspon, and Mark McMaster) for their Romulan "Bird of Prey" Cruiser blueprints (1977). From Sheet 2, General Note 6:

Galactic Designs and Productions wrote:
6. Ship's power is provided by twin matter-antimatter generators. Because of the tremendous power requirements of the warp engines, invisibility cloak, and the plasma weapon, they cannot be used simultaneously. When the ship is invisible it must move under impulse power. At warp speed the weapon can be fired without power accumulators. To fire full power it has to go sub-light. It can slowly store power in accumulators while invisible but must become visible to fire.
Genius. (The blueprints were linked to on post #2 of this thread.)
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