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Re: 'Tacky' by Weird Al Yankovic

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Here's 'Foil' (featuring Patton Oswalt)
That's one's kinda meh. I suppose they can't all be great.
Agreed. The "twist" in it only has impact on the first watch, whereas seeing familiar actors dressed, well, tacky in "Tacky" warrants rewatching. And "Word Crimes" is just epic, I think it will be hard for him to top that one.

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May I just say that I've appreciated him more ever since he shaved his trademark but gross looking mustache and got rid of his dad-glasses? I mean, I realize that's his classic look, but still.
I dunno. I like his classic looks. There's something ... erm .. classic about it.
Now if his long, curly hair is ever trimmed, then all bets are off.

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