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Re: 'Tacky' by Weird Al Yankovic

Firstly let me say that I think Al (and indeed any artiste who does parody material) can only be strengthened when the original songs are already so good. I think the truth of the matter is that a reason this album is looking good is because Al is bang up to date on his popular music references this time round(*), and it has been a particularly good year so far for popular music. Some excellent material floating around which can only be a good foundation for Al's versions of the songs.

His Iggy Azelea parody ("Handy") had me in stitches.

(*) This is an overlooked factor. One thing about some of Al's previous albums is that the songs have been great but the references have been out-of-date by the time the album eventually gets published. But this time it seems Al is literally right on top of current music.
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