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Wow, did an elite Undine assault tonight, one guy bailed on us about 10 mins in and it ended up taking over an hour to finish it. What's the best loadout for a Tac cruiser for that? I could barely hold my own.

I hadn't touched the Undine STF's until this week and I'm doing pretty lousy at them, is there any way to compensate for the extreme sluggish nature of fluidic space?
Sadly, UAE is so tough that only the most experienced players in a very well built ship will be able to complete it in 15-20 minutes. You'll need a ship that has VERY, VERY strong both offensively AND defensively. It is why almost nobody play it.
Not only that, but you'll need players who actually listen. The best way I've seen to handle it is to stick together, even though the mission splits up the team on three tracks. But on more than one occasion, I've been in PUGs where the rest of the team doesn't realize that you have to protect the command ship.

In my experience, Viscous Assault tends to be a bit harder since enemies tend to surround you more often, rather than UA in which they're relatively bottlenecked from the portals.
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