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Re: TNG Rewatch: 4x26 - "Redemption Pt. 1"

That he wouldn't be the visible part of a puppet regime being controlled by the Duras sisters?
Wouldn't that be exactly why many Klingons would wish for Toral to take the top seat? Apparently, a large part of the Empire liked the way Duras ran things, and they would hold hopes that his sisters would keep up the good work.

Of course, in a society where high level politics may be conducted with bladed weapons, who would really complain about having a weakling child as his or her duel opponent...? I rather like the idea of diversity on the high seat, from the fat K'Mpec to the puppet Toral to the scheming and possibly assassinating Gowron to the do-good Worf to the popular hero Martok. An empire that can take that much variety is all the more intriguing and worthy of respect!

Timo Saloniemi
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