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Re: So I have FINALLY started watching Enterprise... love it so far!!

Sorry I haven't updated for a while. Between the world cup and lots of DIY projects around the home, I haven't watched too many of late. However, have got five episodes to update on, starting with another trilogy...

"The Forge" / "Awakening" / "kir'shara":

Ok, first and foremost - nnnnnoooo! Not Admiral Forrest. Absolutely gutted this character got killed off. I really liked his supporting role, and - though Archer grimaced a little - it wasn't really treated with the drama and impact it should've been. Still, while I liked Forrest, you couldn't ask for a more dramatic opening to this set of episodes.

Robert Foxworth back in a very-similar role to Leyton from "Deep Space Nine"? Hmm. Didn't really buy him as a Vulcan, but I like the guy in everything I see him in, so we'll let it slide.

The story itself: Plenty of excitement, and Ambassador Soval came across well. From "villain" in the early series to a staunch ally of Enterprise now. I enjoyed how this trilogy of episodes suggests the Vulcans are going to be less pr**k-like in the future, which dovetails nicely with other Trek shows. T'Pol had some good moments, though I wasn't very keen on the character of T'Pau. I don't know if it was the actress choice or what, but she wasn't particularly likeable and even at the end, I didn't really "feel" what I thought the producers wanted me to feel about her fate.

"Daedalus": Well, I'm glad to be back to one-off episodes for a bit, and though the "twist" of this show was apparent almost from the outset, the episode itself was quite good. Bill Cobb is a likeable actor, but I'm not sure he was the right one for this part; also, the daughter made little impression - when your two guest cast don't feel quite 'right' in their parts, the episode is in a bit of trouble.

I DID like the effects of the 'warping' space as the trapped son tried to get back, and the death of that one crewmember was suitably horrific.

"Observer Effect": Now, this was a good episode. Directed very well, and I thought Dominic Keating did a good job under alien influence (though whenever Anthony Montgomery is given something meatier to do, his lack of acting chops shine through... sorry Mayweather fans!). The scene where Phlox realises what is happening, but also knows his memory is going to be 'tampered' with is unsettling, and the pace and atmosphere of this episode is just right.

Archer tending to Trip is sweet as well.

So, I am now exactly half-way through season 4... only 11 episodes to go! Season 4 has been good, but - contrary to general consensus it seems - I am not sure I will yet say it's the best so far. General quality seems a notch down on season 3 and no episode so far has beaten my favourite episodes from season 1-3 as yet.

Don't get me wrong, it's solid, but not quite as "wow" as maybe I was expecting from the hype.

Of course I hear the latter half of the season has some great episodes, so my opinion might yet change!
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