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Re: Indie Game Development

I wouldn't mind getting into the Indie Game dev scene, but I'm lazy, and the coding I do for my day job is probably enough. Plus, my drawing skills are so terrible even by 'programmer art' standards that I'd be embarrassed by my own prototypes. Still, if my job ever goes away, maybe I'll dive in and see if I can pull it off as a full-time thing.

As such, I can't say I have any particularly useful advice. There's a decent thread on NeoGAF where indie devs discuss what they're doing, but I assume you're probably already on dedicated message boards for indies seeing as you're already making games.

I downloaded your cat game, but it didn't run very smoothly on my 4+ year old phone. I couldn't bread more than a couple of cats due to the low frame rate. I couldn't even really tell how the game was supposed to work, I'm assuming the goal is just to click the cats, which is a little basic for my tastes, but it's great to have something up and running. Seems like you're past some of the big hurdles.
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