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Re: StarFleet Officers that are A..h...s

I don't know, can you hold an episode against a character if that particular episode is really badly written? TNZ does not even exist in my Star Trek universe. I skip it every time. This is a Maurice Hurley script based on fan fiction. The teleplay was written by the guy who got fired for being an arrogant jerk who created a toxic workplace, so the characters act like arrogant jerks. But that's not the characters' fault.

And seriously, wouldn't you react arrogantly to a man who said his first priority was 'Having power to control your life'? Before that guy got sick he probably owned three senators and one or more supreme court justices, and invoked corporate religious freedom to justify spending less on employee benefits.

As for Satie, remember the choice of words her betazoid friend used to attack Tarses?

"Isn't it true that the paternal grandfather of whom you speak was not a Vulcan but was in fact a Romulan? That it is Romulan blood you carry and a Romulan heritage that you honour? "

Jumping from 1/4 Romulan blood to having more loyalty to the Romulan Empire than the Federation. That's pretty damn racist, internment camp level racist.
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