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Re: Star Trek: Axanar

I have been attempting to make up gaming stats for the Federation ships in Axanar based in the old FASA space combat system. It is difficult because, the ships in Anaxar are suppose to be older ships fighting in the Four Years War...a FASA thing.

Starfleet in FASA's Four Years War is armed with "lasers" and "accelerator cannons". That isn't the main problem though. The problem is that the design system was intended to make these older weapons considerably bulky and mass intensive for relatively weak and short ranged weapons compared to the later lighter and more powerful phasers and photon torpedoes that come out during the last year of the war.

It has been 30 years since FASA made their stuff up and canon has progressed. However the ideas are fine. One just has to adjust the naming style from "lasers" to "phase cannons" and "accelerator cannons" to "photonic torpedoes". Or even leaving them as phasers and photon torpedoes, just underpowered and shorter effective range than the more modern versions seen by the time Kirk has command of the Enterprise.

So, take the four Kelvin-based designs. Fit there known weapon hardpoint with FASA lasers (for the popup guns), accelerator cannons (for the rollbar mounted tubes), and since it is the last year of the war, upgrade there main beam weapons to early phasers. If one takes house rules to allow for "lasers" to not need main power to fire once (FASA lasers could fire twice per turn with double the power, but not in the same phase of the turn), than these become viable, if clunky, against the FASA Klingon designs for that era....the 400 plus D7 battlecruisers (plus hundreds of other ships)against the 100 or so Federation ships, not including the Constitutions, since they were pulled from the border for reasons. (In Axanar, they are still being built).

The USS Ares, however, is a warship. It has a lot of phaser banks, and a lot of torpedo tubes. It is difficult, though not impossible, to make the design in FASA. One cannot put the top of the line weapons on it as there are game limitations based on computer fire control capacity. But I can get it to have 16 phasers and 8 torpedoes tubes...which is all its torpedoes and slightly over half its phasers. FASA usually covering only one side of the saucer's weapons and usually ignoring secondary hull mounts. This still shows USS Ares with seven paired phaser banks on the top of the saucer and two single phasers over the hanger at least five more paired phaser banks on the bottom side of the saucer.
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