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Re: Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone - July 2014

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However, on first glance every doctor depicted therein is a white!Human. On second glance, there's the Doctor, and one of the Human doctors has a darker shade of skin, so he could be ethnic.
In the shot of the doctors at the conference, the second one from the left could be Asian, or maybe not. The guy with the goatee seems possibly Middle Eastern or South Asian, and the second guy from the right looks ethnically ambiguous, and it almost looks like he has a trace of Bajoran nose ridges. But they're all ambiguous enough that it's hard to tell. Oddly, though, they all appear to be male.

In the flashbacks, the first panel shows a couple of women and a dark-skinned man, plus a Bolian, the Benzite from before, and an orange-skinned bald humanoid in the foreground. The second panel includes two female doctors and a Vulcan male with brownish skin. Still, Caucasian human males do seem to dominate.

What strikes me about the art is that the renderings of the tricorders, which are supposed to be the featured items in the story, are so crude. They're just these featureless, angular boxes that look like something a bunch of kids made out of cardboard.
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