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Re: Star Trek Special: Flesh and Stone - July 2014

Thanks for sharing the preview.

I don't see a problem with the Benzite breather, too. Maybe a treatment is necessary to get rid of the breathers and not every Benzite is willing to do that. That's suggested in the Worlds RPG.

In STO, Benzites are playable characters and it's the player's choice whether to install a breather or not. I'm trying to think of a real life analog but nothings springs to mind.

Anyway, there are two things to nitpick in the preview. Please not, I only skimmed the text to avoid severe spoilers (and because I don't have Retnax-5 ). However, on first glance every doctor depicted therein is a white!Human. On second glance, there's the Doctor, and one of the Human doctors has a darker shade of skin, so he could be ethnic.

It's not like that I have anything against white people or Humans, but the Federation's strength is diversity. Moreover, comics don't have a budget limit - why not have a non-humanoid? Something mind-bending, or alien eye-candy.
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