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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?

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That's really splitting hairs. They would still be Federation ships when all is said and done.
So you keep saying. You still haven't cited a source that says so.
I cited several of them, you chose to ignore them.

Any time there's been mention of Federation ships other than Starfleet ones.
The mere mention of a Federation ship says nothing about whether worlds can have their own ships that are not Federation ships. The concept of private ownership exists on other worlds besides Earth. There's no reason why all property in the Federation belongs to the Federation.

I don't agree that the only way to parse "Federation ship" is as meaning a ship somewhere in the Federation. A perfectly reasonable way to parse "Federation ship" is as meaning a ship belonging to the Federation. Parsing it the latter way would exclude any ships registered to member worlds that are not also registered to the Federation.
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