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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?

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The Federation seems at times more like an alliance of planets. Each world still has its own laws and ships. At least in the 22nd and 23rd centuries. In the 24th century things seem to start getting closer together, but not in Kirk's day. You have Starfleet ships run entirely by Vulcans and lots of ship crewed entirely by humans. But these are Starfleet....military ships. What of the civilian ships, the ships that are still part of the planetary defense forces that are not under Starfleet?

The trouble is that we don't have a good equivalent to test this in history. The closes we have would be the United States in the 1780s under the Articles of Confederation. In the days when it was one country but also 13 countries with there own taxes, and forces. You might have a United States ship, but you might also have a Virginian Ship. The ships would identify as from the state rather that the country more often than not. This stayed somewhat like this even after the Constitution was adopted and even to the 20th century when the state militia were changed into the National Guard. Prior to that you might have a ship as part of the New York Militia and it not technically an American warship, though it had been, and by that point the line were going way. But it took time even following the Civil War to get then all to be American ships, rather than ships from a particular state, unless it was part of the military or registered specifically to the United States.

The other option would the European Union. You would also have British trawlers, that while still part of the European Union, would not be a European ship. It is a British ship. If the EU had a unified or more allied military structure, you might ship warship (or today in space you do see European station bits) listed as European, but you would also see ships that are British or German or French. These would not be European ships, even though they are part of the European Union.

Similarly, a Vulcan ship not under Starfleet would more than likely be a Vulcan ship, not a Federation ship, even though Vulcan is part of the Federation. The ship would not be part of a listing of Federation ships, as it is specifically Vulcan, not Federation.
Yes, I can see member worlds having their own ship registries. Obviously non member planets would. But even the Federation worlds could have many non-Federation registered ships.
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