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Re: Was NCC-1701 active for 40 years?

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But the truth is that the Federation has ships other than Starfleet ones. It's just like saying America has American planes. Not all of them are military.
Of course there are ships in the Federation other than Starfleet ships. And we know even less about those.

Here's a quote from Memory Alpha:

Memory Alpha wrote:
The exact division of powers between the Federation government and the governments of its member worlds is unknown, though various episodes indicate the Federation placed great value on maintaining local sovereignty over local affairs. Member worlds were left to manage their own governance in accordance with their own traditions and local laws, so long as the general requirements of membership were met, similar to how the member states of the European Union are bound together today.
I see a lot of room, including for local governments to have their own ships manned and under the authority of their own local military services that are not automatically bequeathed to the Federation.
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