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Re: Will a "Hero" try and go back in time and fix Vulcan's Destruction

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But I must say that I like your attitude on this. Instead of just coming up with some in-universe explanation, you just say "Well it's all BS anyway, so WTF! Let em wank!" That's not my view, but I get it.
I watch Star Trek to have fun. I've been watching Star Trek since 1975 when I was 4 years old, seeing Kirk fight a lumbering lizard-man.

For me, the "wank" is part of the charm. I can read Asimov, Clarke, Baxter and others when I want hard science-fiction. Which I would have never had an appetite for without Star Trek's influence. But I don't want Star Trek to be something it has never been before, I want it to be fun, entertaining light sci-fi. Where Kirk punches the bad guy, saves the universe and gets the girl. All the while, cool spaceships and weird aliens are duking it out.
Well I was also 4 in 1975 and that is also when I became a Trek fan. Like I said, I entirely understand your view on this. IMHO however, I think you can do all that AND not have naturally occurring phenomena like Supernovas that travel at warp speed!

Believe me, I can live with it. I am just sounding off here my good man.
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