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Re: Will a "Hero" try and go back in time and fix Vulcan's Destruction

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But I must say that I like your attitude on this. Instead of just coming up with some in-universe explanation, you just say "Well it's all BS anyway, so WTF! Let em wank!" That's not my view, but I get it.
I watch Star Trek to have fun. I've been watching Star Trek since 1975 when I was 4 years old, seeing Kirk fight a lumbering lizard-man.

For me, the "wank" is part of the charm. I can read Asimov, Clarke, Baxter and others when I want hard science-fiction. Which I would have never had an appetite for without Star Trek's influence. But I don't want Star Trek to be something it has never been before, I want it to be fun, entertaining light sci-fi. Where Kirk punches the bad guy, saves the universe and gets the girl. All the while, cool spaceships and weird aliens are duking it out.
"Just give me two seconds, alright, you mad bastard!" - Montgomery Scott, Star Trek Into Darkness
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