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Re: Andy Probert releases prelim plans for USS Ambassador ki

FalTorPan said:

Historical Perspective

Let's say that the USS Ambassador NX-10521 was launched in 2323, followed by the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C in 2325. The Excelsior class is still a workhorse of the Federation Starfleet, although its basic design is 40 years old. The Galaxy class is 20 years from being a glint in anyone's eye, and another two decades from entering active service. Whatever the fate of the Enterprise-B, she served the Federation with distinction for 15-25 years.

Maybe the Ambassador class was named in honor of continuing diplomatic efforts with the Klingons.

Ambassador's Capabilities
Wheeew,... that all works for me.

So, let's answer a few questions:

Yes, there will be a vertical main impulse engine.

No, families were not intended for this ship, although there would be accomidations for 'couples'.

There's no "battle" bridge, there is an auxiliary or stardrive bridge and it's location is currently envisioned near the top of the dorsal, below the leading edge overhang, forward of the turboshafts.

As far as separating sections goes, that's been the standard configuration of every Federation starship from the time of the original 1701 through the 'D'. The relationship & mission of each independent 'section' has evolved during that time. Where Ambassador falls, within that history, is yet to be discovered. The saucer does have a landing 'ring' designed into the bottom, surrounding the lower sensor array. It's divided into twelve sections (pads & supports) to cope with weight loads & uneven terrain, but just like Kirk's original ship, the main purpose for this separated element is for emergencies. Now, to me, that can mean creating two fighting ships in a battle or using either section as a 'lifeboat', understanding, of course, only the saucer is able to land on a planetary body.

All my ships are built to even numbers. This ship is actually 1, 720 ' OL. I didn't write the call-outs on that size chart.

Yes, this bridge is based on that of the Enterprise-C for a bit of continuity, but it has been modified with the Galaxy bridge type peripherals. I'll post a picture or two later.

Thanks for the support & interest. BTW, enter my poll on scale preferences.

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