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Re: Who is the Best 007?

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Coming from a background of the novels, it was always going to be Connery for me, not only for his incredible screen presence, but for the serious approach the films took, even when the plots started to get rather ludicrous.

I'd give credit to Lazenby for his underrated outing, to Dalton for reintroducing some 'grit' and for Brosnan for being such a good Bond in some iffy movies. Moores first couple were OK, but his best film For Your Eyes Only is criminally overlooked. The rest if his films are rotten.

I'm a little surprised that rather than Connery I voted for Craig. It's hard to separate them, but Casino Royale is a masterpiece and an incredible performance...
Eyes Only is my favorite of the Moore films. A straight action piece with genuine West/Soviet espionage, and no goofiness.
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