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Re: Who is the Best 007?

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When I was in my early 20s I would have said Connery, but the older I get the less I like him.
I agree with this, and I voted for Dalton. Connery has always been the actor best associated with Bond, but I've decided that "best associated" doesn't equal "best portrayal". Last year I bought the Bond 50 Blu-Ray boxset, and after watching all 23 movies in a straight runthrough, I think Dalton came out as the best portrayal of the character as written in the Fleming books.

When I was younger, I thought for sure it would be Brosnan, but after reading a few of the books I realize how unlike the character his Bond actually was (nothing against Brosnan, he's a great actor). Bond is not some suave, sophisticated guy in a tuxedo, he is a cold, calculated, efficient spy who gets the job done without thinking twice. The Bond of the novels actually comes across as someone who doesn't have friends and doesn't want them, because all they bring you is pain. He's really a sad, sad man.
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