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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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I mean, didn't the same shot have a spacedock shuttle whose nacelles were made from disposable razor handles?
AFAIK, the only shuttle made from razor handles is the little shuttle from TNG when the Ent-D docs at Starbase 74 in "11001001".

Also seen up close in the Reading Rainbow TNG special (it's at 1:33 in to this clip)
I seem to remember an up close shot of that model. That is the only gripe I have with CGI--you have to make a lot from scratch.

Junkyards are filled with all kinds of plastic odds and ends that you turn one way--and it looks like crap--turn it another--and have it fit some other object--and it just works. Sadly--few folks allow visitors at junkyards.

I collect a lot of cast off plastic bits--but get "modeler's block" when I can't find larger shapes that "deserve" the little greebles. I saw one guy at the RPF forum who just glued any old things together--and it didn't look right--but he was getting something done--more than me I should say. I would just look at a part and think "that's not a bridge, that should be a nozzle."

It wouldn't have done for me to work with Sternbach--I would have frozen.

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Given that you had so much action in TITANS with the saucer detached, you'd be wise to build one giant model that separated, otherwise you'd have to build additional scaled up models besides the hero one.
TITANS was to come out long before NuBSG did the shaggy god story--and would only have worked as the last Trek adventure, and since Adams did ground bases so well for Bond, he was perfect for the saucer sep.

As I see it, we would have a controlled descent, unlike what we got in Generations, with dishes, a central command tower, landing pad, etc, all rising from the center of the saucer.

I can just imagine the level of detail. The edge of Adams saucer is a little sharp, even for me. Ralph's saucer had a rounded edge that helped soften things a bit.

I might explain that the rounded edge was itself a torus shaped space station that slid up and out-from-around the edge of the saucer before descent, so you have a lot of action on screen. The circular, "O" shaped station remains in orbit, and the saucer--its many storeys now visible, becomes a true colony base.

The lower sensor detaches and we see a huge pedestal extend down--and perhaps a super-long stairwell at the underside cut where the saucer pylon attached

Probert's beauty is in how she launched. But you really don't see the refit do anything.

Ken's masterpiece--had it went past study models with those chunky Mann-class like placeholder saucers--would come alive, unfurl--deploy a dozen different ways.

The Moonraker hamster tubes would have given folks a place to hide, run up and down several levels...Man, we really missed something.

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