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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

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Beyond that, I stand by my earlier comments. They should have ended with episode 18. Cooper, Truman, Albert, the Major, etc., standing in the words. Albert's questioning comment about the evil that men do and then the bird. It all started to fall apart after that and, in fact, you could see it starting to fall apart around the edges even before that, with the food critic, Leo/Bobby/Shelley, Nadine's super strength, Donna's parentage, etc. Even if you like the cliffhanger ending (I don't) far too much else of the show was way off the rails by the time season two ended.
You may be right from what I've heard about those episodes. But, to make my own determination of the overall series, I have to see all of Season 2 and not just the ones that involve the Laura Palmer murder arc. I may come up with an opinion similar to yours or something altogether different.
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