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Re: Twin Peaks: The Review Run

I just finished rewatching it myself a few weeks ago. This was my first time watching it on anything but old VHS tapes and/or a dorm room TV.

A few random observations:

I have to say I never realized that Lara Flynn Boyle had so many freckles. Hi-def.

I forgot how great a character Albert was. In some ways, he was the only character to have an arc on the show. He started out as the arrogant SOB who hated everyone and by the end, he seemed kind of humbled and almost a part of the "gang."

Ray Wise was even better than I remember especially toward the end of his run on the series.

I understand McLachlan's discomfort at the proposed Cooper/Audrey romance, but I think it worked better than the Cooper/Annie arc. If I had had my druthers, especially rewatching it now, I think the better course of action would have been keep it chaste, let Audrey have her crush on Cooper, let Cooper be...interested...but unwilling to act because of the age different and let a deep friendship develop that we could have thought might blossom into something more when she got older.

Beyond that, I stand by my earlier comments. They should have ended with episode 18. Cooper, Truman, Albert, the Major, etc., standing in the words. Albert's questioning comment about the evil that men do and then the bird. It all started to fall apart after that and, in fact, you could see it starting to fall apart around the edges even before that, with the food critic, Leo/Bobby/Shelley, Nadine's super strength, Donna's parentage, etc. Even if you like the cliffhanger ending (I don't) far too much else of the show was way off the rails by the time season two ended.
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