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Re: TCM Genre movies schedule...

Queen of Outer Space is a fun piece of fluff. From the uniforms and costumes pinched from Forbidden Planet to all the 50's gams and pulchritude on display. It all looks absolutely fantastic in widescreen Cinemascope HD on TCM.

It at least acknowledges that it's scientifically inaccurate in its depiction of Venus. As with all these women-only movies you wonder why these ladies would ever want the pigs they're offered, I guess when you're the only men in the world you have some leverage. The commander and doctor aren't bad but the two crewmen ("Watch it, doll!") are pretty bad though it seems that's perhaps done with a knowing wink.

Marvel at the giant spider (which honestly is done as well as any from that era), the surprisingly nasty charred remains of the queen after she's disposed and more (did I mention all those 50's legs on display?). I thought Zsa Zsa was wasted as the love interest, she should've been the mean queen for sure. There's also a "televiewer" that looks remarkably like a very stylish modern bezelless HDTV (painted gold...).

All in all a lot of good silly retro fun.
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