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Re: "Planet of the Titans" Revisited

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^Oh, holy cow, I see it, in the background just below and left of the Enterprise. You mean that's the study model for the Adam/McQuarrie "Star Destroyer" ship?

Hmm... I suppose, in-universe, it could be a descendant of the "Warp Delta" ships seen in Enterprise. Although in reality it's probably the other way around.

I wonder if it was supposed to be this:

Here is yet another view:

Now I do seem to remember how folks hated filming around the refit model--and some even considered blowing it up (glad that didn't happen.)

The McQuarrie-prise would be better for camera work--even if the model was huge, the nacelles--being short, could be slid on and off those wide supports.

There would be plenty of attachment points along that long wedge.

If you made the model really large--say, 30 feet long with architectural model detail--it would put the Cygnus from The Black Hole to shame. That wide stance means you can put a big camera between the nacelles and fly along the top of it towards a city-ship saucer rising in the distance--that was what Ralph wanted--were I to put myself in his shoes.

That is the only way to do that design effectively--coming off as all but being miles long.

Probert wanted elegance: Ralph and Adam? Filmability.

The Ariel was to point towards a ship that could travel between galaxies. Were I to do a take, it would dwarf even Vengeance. Instead of the two rocket tubes, two clusters of antennae of different lengths--like those we saw on the aft of the ship on the cover of the novel Dreadnought! except facing forward. The secondary hull would have terraces as would the saucer. The underside of the secondary hull would have a dome like on the Star destroyer, but would actually be a huge dish--as the Snark did up top:

The aft view would be like the tail of the Venator, only without the tubes.

I can just hear Holst's The Planets playing as a camera zooms in on this monster...

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