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I really, really love Armus as a villain. Sure, he's got his defeciencies production-wise, but the concept is terrific. A villain who is evil simply "because", who can't be reasoned with, one who torments Troi and ridicules Geordi and who kills Tasha arbitarily for no reason other than because he can, and then just says "I'm bored now" and moves onto the next victim. Ron Gans gives an excellent vocal performance, truly putting across the character's sheer maliciousness. He's a genuinely interesting (and very different for Star Trek) type of villain. He could have stepped straight out of TOS, but in a very good way. He gives the regular cast plenty to play off.

Agreed. Now I seem to remember folks first wanted Armus to have a more quiet, Roddy McDowell kind of evil...

That is a character I'd like to see again, or the beings that cast him off. With the CGI of today, he'd go all shoggoth.
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