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Re: Hercules/Xena (Spoilers)

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I think it's safe to say Hercules and Xena are the PG13 version of Game of Thrones. Both enjoyable, one with less nudity and gore.
Well, Hercules is likeable (and I'm betting Xena is too once she becomes a good guy), Hercules has some good sidekicks, and no one is having weird sex or killing children, so I'd say its nothing like GoT

Honestly, though, they really have no similarities outside of both being in the Fantasy genre. The concepts are different, the characters nothing alike, and the tones seem to be complete opposites. It's kind of like saying that The Hobbit is just a more action packed version of The Princess Bride. Its the same genre (kind of, although TPB has more comedy), but extremely different worlds and stories.
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