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Re: Hercules/Xena (Spoilers)

The Warrior Princess was pretty good, but honestly a bit disappointing. I knew Xena started out as a bad guy, but I was hoping for a more barbarian like villain, not stupid but more violent. Instead, we got some tedious scenes of her seducing Iolaus to slow down parts of the episode, along with making Iolaus seem pretty stupid, and a horrible friend to Hercules (seriously, one week with her and he just disregards his friendship/trust of Hercules entirely?).

When they actually let Xena be a warrior (maybe 2 scenes total, for about five minutes all together) she had some exciting fight scenes, so she can definitely handle some fighting. It was really bizarre because I never imagined Xena, Warrior Princess, to solve her situations by batting her eyes, even when she was evil. I was expecting more butt kicking, and this episode seemed to hate giving any time for her to do that. I didn't really expect her and Hercules to go at it, but she really didn't do much to justify being called a Warrior princess this episode. I'm sure that will change, but while I liked her debut, it was kind of disappointing. Hopefully she'll get more character scenes (and more fighting scenes) when she shows up later for the last two episodes of the season.
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