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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

I am a relatively new member to this forum and also to Star Trek in general. I'm 22 and have completed a bachelor's in electrical engineering and I've been living in West Africa for the most part of my life.
As you might have guessed, television shows don't exist here with the exception of a few desultory episodes mostly based on African cultures/traditions interspersed with a lot of black magic (not my cup of tea). It was only with the recent introduction of internet that most people here were given a glimpse of the outside world. Movies are way more popular here as they usually involve a single VHS cassette or CD/DVD.
It's true that I have missed a lot of good shows but in turn it opens a new vault of unexplored dramas that I can appreciate better at this age than as a child.
To say the truth, I have always confused Star Trek with Star Wars even though I've never even watched a single Star Wars film. I came to seriously know about Star Trek through the many references on The Big Bang Theory. Given my science background and also being a passionate stargazer and reader of astrophysics that are within my realm of understanding I decided to have a look at Star Trek. In the beginning, I was hesitant whether I wanted to invest the time needed to watch a full series. Because of the recent release of the blu-rays of TNG, I decided to start with that. I was pretty disappointed with a few of the opening episodes of the first season and I almost cast them aside. Then the show started getting more philosophical and with the help of Picard's articulation and Data's innocence I became addicted to the series. I'm presently waiting for the release of the 7th season of TNG because I'm eager to see what DS9 has to offer !
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