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Re: Hercules/Xena (Spoilers)

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I take it you don't watch any HBO, Showtime, or Starz?
I've barely seen anything from those networks. There isn't really any shows on those networks that I'd want to see, and nudity is not something I'll tolerate in TV shows in general. So, even if they had a show I wanted to see, I probably wouldn't watch it. I've only seen a few shows from channels like that. My favorite is Penn & Teller's Bulls*it, which was great, but obviously a bit different than the average show. I think it was on showtime, although I obviously didn't watch the show on TV. I've also seen Tales from the Crypt, and I think Stargate SG-1 started on one of those types of channels (as you can see from the pointless nudity in its pilot), and there are things like George carlin's HBO specials, but generally speaking I have no reason to watch what I think of as the paid borderline porn stations.
There's been some pretty great shows on those networks, but I can understand if you can't handle the nudity and stuff.
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