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Re: In response to FSC requests ... and REM's latest.

I'll email you all the stuff as soon I can, Capt. Jason. I've been reflooring my house (groan). That, and focusing almost exclusively on the new Klingon manual. I wanted to make sure at least the general format and 75% of the material was in place before I worked on anything else. I know a lot of people have been waiting on it. I hope you're not disappointed (aside from my bad spelink & gramma).

No, the coffee table FSC isn't finished yet, and I forgot to include the current WIP in the torrent. I'll make sure to seed another torrent, plus make sure Jason gets a copy. The coffee table FSC is on hold while I finish up Guide to the Klingon Fleet. It's "done" in draft form, though, all the way up to the mid-22nd century, right before the ENTERPRISE era. Some interesting difference with the original FSC. Consarned canon timeline! :P

I'll also try to send out my notes on Klingonaase that I made while developing GKF. I'm sure the Klink fans would like them.
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