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Re: Hercules/Xena (Spoilers)

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I take it you don't watch any HBO, Showtime, or Starz?
I've barely seen anything from those networks. There isn't really any shows on those networks that I'd want to see, and nudity is not something I'll tolerate in TV shows in general. So, even if they had a show I wanted to see, I probably wouldn't watch it. I've only seen a few shows from channels like that. My favorite is Penn & Teller's Bulls*it, which was great, but obviously a bit different than the average show. I think it was on showtime, although I obviously didn't watch the show on TV. I've also seen Tales from the Crypt, and I think Stargate SG-1 started on one of those types of channels (as you can see from the pointless nudity in its pilot), and there are things like George carlin's HBO specials, but generally speaking I have no reason to watch what I think of as the paid borderline porn stations.

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I actually watched Hercules first season for the first time last year, and I really enjoyed it. It's just a goofy, fun show that you really can't even try take seriously.

As for you question Kirk55555, we do get to meet the Gods in person later. I haven't actually watched past season one yet, but I've read a little bit about the show on Wikipedia and it sounds like they do start popping up fairly often as the show goes on. When do we start meeting more of them?
Yeah, its a fun show so far. It can be dark though, which is interesting, although I like the light hearted stuff just as well. I don't know when other gods show up in human form obviously, although I'm pretty sure I saw a pic of Aphrodite in human form from the show while looking at Hercules stuff, so I'd imagine that season 2 probably shows someone.

I've gotten through two more episodes, and they were enjoyable.

As Darkness Falls was an interesting episode. The show tries to use centaurs again, with mixed results. When they're trying to show them full body with special effects, they're generally horrible (with one specific show showing Lyla towering over them). But up close, they were decently convincing. The toga merchant was back as the sidekick this episode, and he was pretty good. We get to see one of the Amazons from Hercules and the Amazon Women again, although she seems to have changed her name, backstory and personality I've heard that after this episode she changes her name again, and becomes a warrior princess It's kind of funny seeing Lawless playing a second non-Xena role, when her Xena debut is only a few episodes away. She is also much shorter compared to Sorbo than I expected. Overall, I liked this episode.

Pride Comes Before a Brawl was a very good episode. We get to see Iolaus again (YES!) and he is the focus of the episode. He does a good job carrying most of the story, although this episode seems to confirm that they're just ignoring the fact that Iolaus got married the first time we ever saw him. Hercules and the Amazon Women definitely took place before the show (since dialog with hercules about his life confirmed that he hadn't been married yet), but Iolaus apparently just forgot he has a wife while flirting, and then kissing the woman he saves this episode. I'd be fine if there was just a line of dialog like "I'm sorry to hear your wife died, Iolaus" "Thanks, hercules". Not addressing it at all is just kind of weird, although it didn't effect how I feel about the episode. It was very enjoyable, and I hope we see more of Iolaus, he's easily my favorite sidekick for Hercules.
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