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Re: Do we even want another Star Trek movie?

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Why are those flaws ? Because you can't find a reason ?
The flaws are explained in many reviews, from "cold fusion" devices to the awkward "Khan" scream. I don't want to repeat them here because forum members can easily find them by reading views of the film.

You have no idea if that's the case here. All you know is that I disagree with you, and enjoyed the movie. For the record I think there's plenty of characterisation for the leads.
Keep in mind that for movies one element, such as characterization, can make up for deficiencies in others, such as plot. You have to look at the quality of various elements and see how they work together.

Also, having "plenty" of something also doesn't help. It's as if one makes a movie and crams in as many characters, story lines, special effects, etc., as possible, hoping that something notable will appear.

Don't try to play with definitions. "Subjective" means it's personal, individual, unique to each human, distinct. It means no two people will agree.
As I said, subjectivity is based on experience, and experiences are not necessarily unique. That means at least two people will have a shared experience.

And don't mention "common sense" to me. Common sense is not all that common, and rarely actually makes sense except to the person using it.
Highly unlikely. Otherwise, we'd have mass chaos worldwide.
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