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Re: Timelines of the Doctor: The Daleks

To work anything out, you have to make a few gut calls:
Do you ignore the 'Wiped out at the end of the first story ' and the DIOE 'It was milions of years into the future' comment (answer, probably yes.)
Is Evil of the Daleks the final end, or not. If not, then is the deserted Skaro of Destiny the aftermath of Evil (I tend to this...).
Are Daleks time travellers in stories where they're not specifically stated to be time travellers? (My gut feeling is no in pre 1990 stories, but in new series stories it can be taken as standard).

So... the onscreen' facts' are...
The Daleks: in the future (Edge fo Destruction implies this). Generations before 2540 (Frontier in Space). 2263 has become an accepted fan date.
Dalek Invasion of Earth: several years after 2164 (2170s?), but not more than a generation. Probably before the previous story.
The Chase (TT): No idea for the Dalek hometime, but possibly circa Dalek Masterplan. But maybe not.
Mission/Masterplan: Definitely 4000AD, give or take a bit for Mission, but the Daleks have time travel. The Daleks have been out of Earth;s space for a good thousand years.
Power: 2020 according to fan lore from PR at the time, but nothign stated onscreen.
Evil: Again, no idea on the Daleks' hometime: they have time travel, but a different method to Chase/Masterplan, closer to the one in day/Resurrection/Remembrance.
Day of the Daleks: 22nd century. But explicitly and very importantly said to be time travellers throughout.
Frontier/Planet: Definitely 2540. No sign of time travel onscreen.
Death to the Daleks: a generation after a Dalek war. No other info.
Genesis: No info, but at least a thousand years before any other Dalek story. Depends on whether history is changed here.
Destiny: No info, though maybe after Evil. The script for Resurrection suggests a date...
Resurrection: Dalek hometime is the 4300s according the the script, but this is not stated onscreen. Still, room for Evil and Destiny to have happend after Masterplan if you want to play it like that. Daleks have Time Travel, but not the Masterplan/Chase ships so far as we see.
Revelation: After Resurrection.
Remembrance: After Revelation. Again, it's the Day/Evil/etc style of time travel.

And then we have the Time War, where the Daleks seem to have time travel as a routine operation in all their ships, and even some individual Daleks.

Bit of a mess (and no, sorry, can't be bothered with books and Big Finish). I tend to go with...

Power: anywhere from the 2000s to the 2300s.
DIOE: 2170s.
Day: Plan B after DIOE; or possibly much later, around Evil.
Daleks: 2260s.
Frontier/Planet: 2540.
Death: a generation or so after 2540.
Masterplan/Mission/Chase: 4000ish. And all the Dalek annual stuff and the other IDF/SSS/Destructors stuff comes here too.
Evil: A bit after. Possibly Day comes here, if we assume that Masterplan was a major blow, so the Daleks were increasingly desperate, and reduced to using primitive time travel rather than the almost TARDIS-like ships of the Chase/Masterplan.
Destiny, Resurrection, Revelation, Remembrance: the next few centuries.

And then the Time War could come anywhere...
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